Hello everybody!!!
I am SANJANA from Bangalore,India.

I am a true Fashion Addict I love everything about it and I am sure everyone wants to make a fashion statement, grab some attention, steal a second glance, get someone gossiping about what you are wearing in a good way though however my personal sense of style is very feminine I can never ever carry off a pair of Converse shoes.

I solely dedicate my blog FASHION LOVE CHILD to the coverage of trends in various apparel markets, celebrity fashion choices, Magazine inspiration & street fashion trends.My blog has indeed given me the best platform not just to showcase my knowledge on the latest trends but an amazing learning experience from many other myriad blogs, websites & magazines. I am sharing my honest opinion, belief & findings but you can give me feedback on any kind of constructive criticism.

Do send in pictures of your styling at sanjana.s.ebony@gmail.com I would love to feature it in my blog.